How it works. . .

Most drug manufacturers sponsor whatís called Patient Assistance Programs. These programs are intended to help those who canít afford their prescription drugs, obtain them absolutely free. The ever-changing requirements and the application process to qualify for patient assistance programs are tedious, confusing and very time consuming. You may contact the drug manufacturer(s) directly to find out more about specific patient assistance program(s).

We at Queen City Scripts Care found that some people might have difficulty navigating the application process and need help Ė the start-up and monthly fee covers the administrative expenses of researching the right programs(s), maintaining a database of the most recent PAP forms, and processing and mailing the paperwork. The monthly fee is refunded if we are unable to find you the assistance in obtaining prescription medicines free of charge, or at a significantly reduced cost, as per our guarantee.

For more information please contact us toll free at 1-888-723-2588